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Eliminate Pointless Meetings

Does everyone’s schedule always seem jammed? Are your meeting rooms always booked? Do employees complain that meetings stand between them and their jobs? If you answered yes to one of these, you may have pointless meetings in your company. Learn how AI can help you eliminate some of them.

Product Tour

See how AI analyses my calendar, what tips organizers receive when they send me a meeting, and which features help me look good.


Holistic Approach 

Various factors lead to unproductive meetings, but they all have one thing in common: They require a collective effort to resolve. To tackle this issue, we developed a comprehensive solution that considers the company's interests, the meeting organizers' needs, and each participant's individual preferences.

elephant demonstrating the reduction in meeting waste via charts and data


  • Meeting productivity dashboard

  • Controls to customize meeting culture

  • Easy installation

  • Top-notch security and compliance

The meeting elephant helps the manager run more effective meetings

Meeting Organizer

  • Tips for improving their meetings 

  • Time-saving automation

  • Tricks to make them look sharp

  • Visibility to participants preferences 

The meeting elephant helps meeting participants prepare their updates and find more time to do their job


  • Configuration for their preferences

  • Productive meetings

  • More time to do their job


Know your Meetings

From town halls to 1:1s, there are many types of meetings. Some are recurring, while others are ad-hoc,  and some are with direct reports, while others are cross-functional. See all the meeting types in one place.

Our Podcast

Learn all the tips and tricks we learned in over 15 months of research.

AI in the Workplace

AI is already changing how we do things. Learn about existing trends and what the future holds in this domain.

Culture Change at Scale

Although 88% of people believe that changing meeting habits is impossible, our data shows a different story. Some employees may think companies don't care about meeting effectiveness, but our research reveals that over 50% of companies have attempted to improve meeting culture in the last 24 months. Additionally, 86% of employees reported that their colleagues don't care about their preferences when scheduling a meeting. However, empirical evidence shows over 2x improvement in implementing meeting efficiency tips when organizers are aware that the fix will make colleagues happy. Finally, there is a common misconception that the interests of the company and the employees are constantly at odds. But, when it comes to meeting productivity, the data indicates that the desires of employees and the company's benefits are almost perfectly aligned.

What They Say

“I love how SynqUp tips helped me improve my meetings and reduce passive participation for my team”

Ronen Melink, Head of Global Clients Division, Comdata Group

“Our meetings became more focused, participants were more prepared and meetings became more efficient. Would definitely recommend Synq Up”

Stas Vinitsky, Chief Architect Tipalti

“When you spend most of your time in meetings, making them effective is as important as it is difficult to do. SynqUp drives the cultural change to tackle both problems.”

Adam Stevens, VP Product Unity

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