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About Us

Why We Want to Eliminate Pointless Meetings

Every member of the Synq Up team spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in meetings and gained a deep understanding of how counter productive most of them are. Meetings cost dozens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to any enterprise company but research shows that about one third of this investment is wasted. At the same time, talent that is spending time in wasteful meetings becomes disengaged and demotivated.   

Why Now

A good story has two turning points. In the first one, a new threat is presented - in our case, we believe the pandemic created a meeting inflation and made the meeting situation unbearable for many companies. We believe more and more companies with to deal with meeting waste these days. The 2nd turning point of a good story is the presentation of the hero. Sometimes, he would have super powers, sometimes it’s more about strong will and sometimes it’s wit or charm. In this story, the hero is called Yoda and his super powers are that he can be in many places at once, he never gives up and no job is beneath him. You may have guessed that Yoda is a virtual employee. that was made possible due to latest advancement in LLMs and GPT architecture.

Why Us

Drive Forward Like a Scientist

We believe that building a startup and proving a new theory has a lot in common. There are many hypotheses that we are making early on: There problem is widespread, people want to solve it, a solution can be made, there is a way to turn revenues, the unit economics show profit and much more. Furthermore, many aspects of developing a product is also requires the scientist mindset - designing experiments, measuring results and always striving to get more information. Our approach is that there is always a lot more we don’t know than what we do know so asking questions and getting information is the number tool to progress towards our goals. 

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